Hey there!  I’m Tasha, a mother of three and a wife to an amazing husband!  Rufus & Henrietta was born due to my love of home decor, thrifting, organizing, and making our house into a home.  I am often found working on a home project, up cycling thrifted treasures, or sitting on Pinterest, dreaming of what could be.  I find a wide array of things inspiring, from fashion photos to architectural design to homemade treasures.  It has been a long dream of mine to have an outlet to share all of my ideas and to also hear from you!


Adam and I have been married for 6 years and really enjoy tackling home improvement projects together. We have a beautiful 4 year-old daughter, an energetic 2 year-old son and a beautiful brand new baby girl.  As much as we wished to have an old historic home, there just isn’t much of a market for that here in Idaho.  So about 5 years ago, we decided to build a house.  We are slowly making it our own and taking the “builder-grade” out of the description.


So what’s with the name?  I’m sure you all are wondering where Rufus & Henrietta comes from.   I am notorious for naming inanimate objects, from cars to our kids’ stuffed animals.  When Adam and I first got married, we rented a quaint little house that had a lion door knocker.  He was aptly named Rufus.  We also had an owl doorstop which soon became Henrietta.  They both were greeters at our front door and make me think of home.  This blog is directed exactly towards that: making our house a home and inviting you all in to the journey.  I dream of barefoot kids running through the house to the backyard, sunlight streaming through the windows, and the smell of coffee looming.  These things make our house a home.  I only hope to add to that picture by making our house more personal and inviting.  We have an open door policy at our house and I want this blog to feel the same.  All are welcome to come in, cozy up, and have a sense of belonging.

Grab a snack, some coffee, and enjoy!

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