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Guest Bathroom Makeover – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 – Week 4

Hey guys! I’m back! It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and in case you’re new here, I am doing a complete guest bathroom makeover in just 7 weeks! You can learn more about the One Room Challenge and see all of the other talented designers participating here.

One Room Challenge

I don’t have a lot of fun pictures for you this week. While I did make some headway, there’s not a lot to show for it. I textured the walls where needed, primed and then painted the walls Polar Bear by Behr.

The most exciting thing is that the vanity got painted a beautiful terra cotta color. The name is Terra Cotta Urn by Behr.

Our light fixture came in which is so stunning! (You’re going to have to wait to see it.) We also received some of our drawer pulls from Anthropologie and here’s a little sneak peek.

Terra cotta cabinets with black and gold drawer pulls
Drawer Pulls

Things are starting to come together but there is still so much work to do! Let’s take a look at our to-do list.

To-Do List

  • Remove wallpaper
  • Remove linoleum floor
  • Lay new floor
  • Sand vanity
  • Remove trim
  • Paint trim
  • Install new trim
  • Remove cabinets above laundry area
  • Replace toilet
  • Texture walls
  • Paint walls
  • Paint ceiling
  • Stencil above vanity
  • Paint vanity
  • Order all the pieces
  • Wallpaper pocket door
  • Style

This week, I’m hoping to get the ceilings painted (I’m doing a fun effect for the first time and I think you’re going to love it) and maybe even the floors and new toilet?! Am I crazy?! Probably, but I may also be crazy for joining this challenge when we’re basically renovating our whole house.

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