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Kitchen Remodel – ORC Spring 2021 Week 2 – Demo is Complete

Well, folks! Here I am again, at the skin of my teeth, finally writing this post. We decided to conquer all of the demo ourselves for our kitchen remodel to save some money and let’s be real, the sledgehammer did not disappoint!!!

one room challenge - week 2 - kitchen demo

This is week 2 of the Spring One Room Challenge. You can see the before pictures and the plan for the space in my week 1 post here.

I cannot begin to tell you how long I’ve waiting to break a wall. We’ve watched hundreds, it not thousands, episodes of HGTV shows and I’m always jealous of demo day. Well, folks, it finally came and it was amazing. Turns out breaking walls is kind of my thing. Within the last week, we’ve managed to take down 3 closets, rip out all of the old cabinets, and take down 2 walls. Suddenly our view from our entry has gone from this:

kitchen demo

To this:

kitchen remodel

I could not believe how short those closets and the low-hanging cabinets made our ceiling feel. Suddenly, we have this massive expanse that feels so grand and open. I’m so excited! Now it’s time for the contractors to come in and work their magic on the popcorn ceilings, electrical and plumbing. We’ll see how far we get this week and how much I’ll have to share. I know these beginning posts aren’t very exciting but they are vital. The fun stuff will start to come soon. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy how far we’ve come:

C R E A T I N G !


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    1. Oh that’s so fun! I’m excited to check yours out too! It’s definitely nerve-racking but I’m glad I’m not alone.