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Kitchen Remodel – One Room Challenge Spring 2021 – The Before

Well, better late than never, I suppose. I decided to join the One Room Challenge and I’m getting in by the skin of my teeth. We have been planning our kitchen remodel for some time now but with material costs going up and materials being hard to get your hands on, we didn’t think we’d meet the ORC deadline. But here we are with fantastic news that our kitchen will fall within the One Room Challenge dates! Yahoo! I’m so excited!

If you’re unsure what the One Room Challenge is, it’s an opportunity for featured designers and any guests to participate in a 6 week room renovation. It’s a blast to watch all of these talented designers at work. I especially love watching the behind the scenes on Instagram. I share a lot there too. You can find me here!

The Plan

About a year and a half ago we moved into our dream home. Long story short, while it is our dream, it needed a lot of work. It was built in 1975 and looked like it was straight out of The Brady Bunch; orange carpet, cedar planking on the walls, striped seventies wallpaper, you name it! We’ve updated a lot on the lower floor of this split level. (You can see my previous One Room Challenge bathroom here!)

Here are some images of the current state of our kitchen. (Don’t mind the mess! I snapped these already in the middle of packing up the kitchen.)

kitchen makeover
kitchen remodel

As you can see, it’s a small galley kitchen. But that’s not all, it’s blocked by this huge wall of closets:

We’re going for an artsy schmorgasbord of fun in this house. No boring corner in sight! We like unique pieces that are also utilitarian and warm and cozy. Basically if Anthropologie fell into an artist’s studio in the 60’s, you’d find our style. We dig it and I hope you do as well!

Below you’ll see the plan for our space. It is so incredibly beautiful and I just can’t wait for an open space and for this graphic tile to be a big wow moment. Stay tuned each week for more updates and make sure to check me out on Instagram for live updates and fun progress pics and stories. I can’t wait to see you there!

eclectic modern kitchen makeover

C R E A T I N G !


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