Moody Monday

Dining room with matte textures, geometric shapes, and earthy tones with a twist

Happy Moody Monday! This is a fun series where you choose the room and the inspiration photo on Instagram stories and I create a mood board based on those choices. For this round, you chose a dining room space with the below inspiration photo. These will be short and sweet but will give you a little peek into my thought process as I design a space. So, without further ado, the inspiration photo.

Matte geometric vases in a muted color palette - inspiration photo

First Thoughts

  1. Both the background and the objects have a matte textural finish which generally feels softer, modern, and more natural.
  2. The color palette – with its softer, muted tones leaning more toward a natural earthy mood but elevated a bit with adding the indigo blue and the charcoal gray.
  3. Geometric shapes – while the texture and the color palette are softer, the shapes are structural and sculptural which lends more modern.

Overall Plan

Although you can be bold with any space, a dining room is an ideal place to go big. As I look at the elements of my first thoughts and when I look at the inspo photo, it evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth but with a new fresh take. This dining room should envelope you and create an atmosphere for nightlong intimate conversations but also silent sips as you ponder all of the elements of the space as if it were an art gallery.

The Mood Board

Eclectic moody dining room mood board - moody monday, blue and orange color palette

Dive in Deeper

While the bold wallpaper would not be for everyone, I do think it creates a captivating backdrop for this dining room. It brings out the blue tones that I thought stood out the most in the inspiration picture and also has an artsy feel. The shibori pattern brings the dark indigo down to a more muted feel as the organic lines feel softer and more approachable.

The rust chairs also feed into the color palette but also have a sculptural feel to their shape. (How often do you get to sit on an art piece?) The softness of the velvet upholstery mimics the matte finish of the objects above.

The white mod tulip table is fresh and clean. The brightness stands out and pulls you into the space while the softness and warmth of the chairs will invite you to sit for hours.

Bringing in warmer tones and textures through the caned cantilever chairs and the basket in the corner creates the earthy tone of the space. Wood floors will also help ground the space in warmth. Most people would ask why I didn’t place a rug in this space. I love the tone of the wood and also for practicality reasons, I enjoy a dining space with no rug. It’s so much easier to clean but it’s also a nice rest for the eyes as there are other showstoppers in this space.

The light fixture has a handmade concrete feel which holds the matte finish but also piques interest and has guests wondering if the homeowner created the piece or knows the artist. It feels personal and special.

The artwork and accessories bring in the geometric shapes from the inspiration pic. The large scale artwork, while warm and earthy in color palette, also creates a place for your eyes to rest on the vivid wallpaper. It breaks up the deep blue while also complementing it. (Blue and orange are opposite each other on the color wheel and work nicely together. Choosing muted tones rather than bright-straight-from-the-crayon-box colors allows it to look less like a sports jersey and more interesting and intimate.

Having an element of greenery like the olive tree in the corner or the arrangement on the table evokes life and the organic shapes create a nice contrast against the sculptural, geometric shaped items.

Get the Look

Did you like this Moody Monday? Click the images below to see the product details for all the pieces I incorporated in the space.

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