Muted Bohemian Nursery – The Before & Design Plan

Ok guys!  I know I have yet to show you the laundry room reveal and I’m already planning out another room, the nursery.  Well, to throw out some excuses, the weather has been crazy and the hubster has been super busy.  Not saying I couldn’t do this myself but we like to work on projects together and the wind and rain has not really made for a good space to take out the saw.  All we really have left are some shelves and then the styling.  So, if the weather permits, I am determined to get that room done this week!  One of my goals this year was to not start a new project until others were finished.

I may be breaking the rule this time around, but I needed to share my plan for the nursery with you all.  Plus, baby girl is about to be two months and is still sleeping in our room.  Needless to say, I am READY for her to sleep in her own room.  My mom insomnia is so much worse when I can hear every little stir and grunt.  (And let me tell you, she is a very noisy sleeper!)  Also, when I show you the before pics of this room, you will likely realize why I want to get cracking on it.  Both of our other kids used it as a nursery and I put some work into it, but it never really felt finished to me.  Since Aria was born, our older two moved into a room together.  In the meantime, the nursery has become a drop zone for every odd and end.  Plus it has a lot of the items I want in there, but haven’t put to use yet since we want to paint.  I am embarrassed to show you these pictures. But I am all about transparency here.  Get ready ….


Ok ok, you’re probably thinking it’s not that bad.  And you’re right, it’s not.  But it’s not special to me.  We painted it this color before our oldest was born.  And while I love it, I’m ready for a change.  I also know that once Aria is old enough, the two girls will share a room and our son will likely be back in this room.  I thought painting the room a dusty blue would work for both scenarios.  Plus, we don’t get the greatest natural light in our house and I will do anything to help the spaces feel nice and light.


See what I mean about dumping ground?  It’s just a lot of craziness that I need to find places for.  I love this hand-me-down dresser and am planning to give it a face-lift with some gray paint and more modern handles.  We have carpet throughout our house, which Adam and I would love to change for laminate wood someday. But it is just not in our budget right now.  With that being said, I am not afraid to layer a rug on top of this carpet to give the room some more personality.

To create the calming space for both the baby and for mommy and daddy, I have been dreaming up a muted bohemian space.  I would like the room to incorporate pieces that can be used for years to come; items that could either grow with the girls or could be used throughout the house.  Here is a mood board of what I’m thinking.

muted bohemian nursery

gold pendant | chair (similar) | side table (similar) | rug | wall hanging | faux plant | dresser | crib | tassel table runner | basket

Some of the pieces here will not actually be in the room but give you the idea of what I’m thinking.  I have some fun DIY projects planned and will take you along with me.  The blue with the text is the paint color I’m thinking of; it is Sherwin Williams Rain.

I would love to hear your feedback.  What do you think about the direction I’m going?  Also, I would be interested to hear if you finish a project start to finish or do you move around as inspiration strikes?

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. I TRY to go from start to finish but i usually end up moving around as i get inspiration. I love boho nurseries! They are so sweet and whimsical. That light fixture is amazing too!