Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Favorites – Featured Designers

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all are having a wonderful week and have some fun plans this weekend, even if that just means having a relaxing day at home.  I have some projects planned around here and am hoping the crazy Idaho weather cooperates.  In case you are unfamiliar, Idaho is notorious for having unpredictable weather.  It goes from sunny and hot to windy and raining to possibly snowing or sleeting all in one day.  But you know what?  We love it!

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge?  I know I mentioned it in Monday Mind Melt.  If not, it is a challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home where bloggers choose a room to makeover in only six weeks!  There are twenty featured designers as well as hundreds of guest participants.  They post each week on their progress.  I know the reveals get a lot of attention, but I really enjoy their thought processes throughout the entire time frame; the wins, the misses, the problems.  It makes it seem so much more genuine when you can see behind the scenes.  But today, I am focusing on all of the reveals.  Grab some coffee or a snack and get ready for some serious eye candy!  There is so much amazing inspiration here.  I have just rounded up some of my favorites but you can follow the link above to view every space.


I will start with my favorites from the featured designers.  This first one is from Ashley over at The Gold Hive.  This girl never ceases to amaze me.  Last ORC she did their office and did a hand-painted mural!  This time around, she did both her master bedroom and a space in her backyard.  That gray board and batten, the windows with the brass hardware, the brass outlets, warm wood tones.  This space just feels so inviting to me.  Who wouldn’t want to jump in that bed?


Part of this makeover was adding a door out to her backyard.  So, as if one room wasn’t enough, she decided to do a backyard space as well!  And this wasn’t just a styling venture out there.  She had to add on to her deck due to her new door.


Next up is this beautiful dining space by Catherine and Bryan at Beginning In The Middle.  They also did their living space.  This dining room is so good though!  The wallpaper under the chair rail, the bubble light pendant, modern art, vintage rug.  They have their juxtaposition and it is on point!


This pretty office by Melissa at Bisou Style is really putting me in the gear to redo our creative space.  We need it!  But back to this beauty!  What a lovely, fresh space to get work done and feel inspired.  That warm wood desk against all of the stark white is such a good moment. I would not only want to work here but use it as a getaway spot.  Bravo Melissa!


This bedroom by Shannon Claire Interiors is giving my color-loving soul all the feels.  What a fun space to retire to at night and wake up feeling inspired.  Her use of color is fearless yet so refined and done right.  Plus, that neon light above the bed – perfection.


Another fun bedroom with, what may be, the greatest wallpaper on Earth!  This one is by Michelle Gage and is confirming my thoughts of painting the wall behind our bed a moody blue.  I love how she embraced the curvature of the ceiling by making it a focal point.


Natasha Habermann’s entry into her new living room is so welcoming.  The molding on the walls with offset art, the black handrail, the plush couches.  This moment makes me feel like I’m being transported to a quaint little English town.


My last favorite of the featured designers is this bedroom by Kelly Rogers at Interiors for Families.  Another serene moment and much more feminine than my typical style.  Placing the bed in front of the window is one of my favorite design tricks right now and it works perfectly for this particular room.  Also, having a small hallway leading to your room that serves as an art gallery?  I’m all about that!


Whew!  So many good spaces.  I was hoping to tackle this challenge in the Fall and after seeing these pictures, I feel like the time crunch and stress might be worth it!  Come back tomorrow for a roundup of my favorites from the guest participants.  Which one is your favorite?  Do you feel this challenge is obtainable for meek little old me?  And don’t forget to check out the others at One Room Challenge.

Happy Friday!

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